APS or IX240 or Advantix Film

Let us help you get the film out of those special cartridges and onto CD’s or DVD’s so that you can share or print the images.

What Is Advantix or APS or IX240 film anyway?

APS (Advanced Photo System) or IX240 or Advantix film are three different names for describing a special method of managing negatives that is supposed to make it easier for the customer.  Kodak and Fuji are two brands that I’ve seen and there may be more.  The film comes in cartridges similar to the style of most 35mm still camera film.  The film is 24mm wide, unlike the standard 35mm film.  Once the film is exposed, the cartridge gets sent in for developing as per normal 35mm film.  The difference is when the film comes back from the developer.  The customer will get back the cartridge with the negatives inside and a prove sheet or index sheet of all the photos.  Unlike other 35mm film, APS or IX240 or Advantix system does not provides the customer access to the negatives.  You need a special device that can pull the negatives out of the cartridge if you want to do anything with the negatives.

We can scan those negatives into digital and provide those images on CD or DVD or harddrive.


We’ve had a number of customers that have theses APS or IX240 or Advantix negatives and do not own a computer so we’ve put the images onto a memory card and they play the pictures in a digital photo frame.

Share your memories in a Life Story or Biography.

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