U-matic Deck & DPS-295(TBC) Configuration

Overview This is an article from an email by Matthew Kurth (The Captain) on how to wire the Sony VO-9850 to the DPS-295.


Here's a checklist of what you need to connect TBC-wise and set:

Connect From VO-9850 Connect To DPS-295(TBC) Dub Out                   Dub Y Input Video Out*               NTSC-2/Dub C Input Sync In                   Adv Sync Output SC In                     Subcarrier Output

* Once you know everything works, you can choose to use the Monitor Video output instead of Video Out.  This would give you the added benefit of selecting the NTSC-2 output on the DPS-295 and having it pass the on-screen menus through to you.  Of course, you'll want to make sure the menus are off before you try to capture anything.

On the front panel of the VO-9850, set the Mode Select to TBC. On the front panel of the DPS-295, set the Input Format to DUB and the Input Mode to DIRECT.

Put the DPS-295 into Test Signal Generator (TSG) mode and see whether this provides stable signal output to your capture card.  If it does not, then there is an issue with the TBC.  If it passes stable color bars then the video should be good.

The SYSTEM light will flash unless you connect a stable signal to one of the REF VIDEO connectors.  This is to advise that the unit is not connected to a house reference (genlock) signal.  (Your PVW-2800's stop button should flash for the same reason unless this was disabled by its prior owner.)

This should not be a problem because the DPS-295 is capable of generating it's own reference signal -- it only really matters when you're in a multi-source production studio where you need all video sources to be in complete synchronization.  (There is a DIP switch described on page 4-13 of the manual which disables the blinking and forces the unit to use its own reference generator regardless of whether one is connected.)

If you continue to have issues, you can try connecting a known stable composite video source to the REF VIDEO on the DPS-295.

Photo of connections can be found here:

R:\Personal RAW\Digicam\John Romein - Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE\2014\14-05-16 Umatic and TBC wiring