Toshiba RD-XS35 DVD Recorder - Troubleshooting

Nothing Showing On Screen When Playing VCR Through Toshiba I plugged a VHS tape into the VCR, I made sure that the feed went to the Toshiba, made sure the TV feed was good, and NOTHING showed on the TV.  I could see the audio bars on the VCR jumping so I knew there should be something.


On the Toshiba remote, select the CONTENT MENU button on and off and the picture appeared on the TV....weird but it works.

Error 14 on Screen

When the DVD recorder has an error such as 14 (DVD access error)......

In this case I cleaned the DVD drive with compressed air and tried another DVD.  The error still showed....never disappeared.  I also unplugged the unit to reboot and the error remained.


Click the "display" button on the remote to clear the error.  Everything worked fine then.