UltimateS Pro and Moving Presets

Overview Need to move presets to either another computer or when a computer is rebuilt.  Where do I find the presets?  The main presets I need are the batch render ones.


(from John Rofrano, VASST)

Your Ultimate S Pro presets are stored in this file:

%AppData%\VASST\Ultimate S Pro\4.0\UltimateS4.js.settings

Where the environment variable %AppData% will resolve to a different folder on Windows 7/Vista and XP (you didn’t say what OS you had before)

In Windows 7 it will be:

C:\Users\[account name]\AppData\Roaming\VASST\Ultimate S Pro\4.0\UltimateS4.js.settings

Where [account name] is the name of your user account on Windows.

You can also just do a search for “UltimateS4.js.settings” to find it. Then copy it into the proper folder on your new PC.

Note: Custom Render Templates folder will also be needed to be copied to the C://Users/John/AppData/Roaming/Sony/


This from the Vegas help/searched: render as template

Copying Custom Rendering Templates between computers or user accounts.

Custom Rendering Templates