Vinyl Records - Digitizing

Overview This article provides information on digitizing vinyl records.


Audio Technica AT-LP120 USB turntable, 78 stylus (yellow), jeweler's flat balded screw-driver, MUSIC (recording PC), stereo system, Magix Audio Cleaning Lab software.

Change Stylus (needle)

We have two stylus, one for LP's and 45's (green), and one for 78's (yellow).  Never play a record with the wrong needle (it can play but it WILL damage either the record or stylus or both).

1)  Release the headshell assembly from the tonearm by turning the locking ring clockwise.

2) Carefully remove the headshell assembly and turn it over so the stylus is pointing upward.

3) Remove the stylus by taking a flat bladed jeweler screwdriver and carefully prying the stylus assembly from the cartridge.  Pry between the belly of the cartridge and the plastic assembly holding the stylus.  The stylus assembly should come straight up from the cartridge.

4) Push the replacement stylus assembly straight down onto the belly of  the cartridge until it fits snug.

5) Replace the headshell assembly back onto the tonearm and lock with the locking ring (counter clockwise a few turns).

6) The counterweight should be adjusted for the different stylus:

a)  33/45 stylus:  about  1.8 grams

b) 78 stylus: about 2.1 grams