Scanning Damaged or Single Negatives with Nikon Coolscan

Overview If the strip of negatives is badly damaged or the negatives are strips of 2 or 1, then you must use the FH-3 film strip holder and the standard adaptor.


Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED, FH-3 film strip holder, standard slide adaptor MA-21.

Set up - Nikon Scan:

  • If the negative is B&W, make sure to set the film type to "Neg (Mono)" and to turn off "Digital ICE".
  • If the negative is colour, set the film type to "Neg (color)", and Digital ICE is on.

Set up - FH-3 Film Strip Holder

  • Open FH-3 by unclipping the middle clip and the two end clips
  • lay the film in the holder with emulsion (dull) side down and images lined up to the frames (you can close the holder mostly and then adjust the film to the frames
  • Place slide adaptor MA-21 into scanner
  • stick FH-3 into slot
  • you can scan three images by manually scanning an image and then moving the black plastic tray to the next image
  • once three have been scanned, stick the other end of the FH-3 into the slot and proceed to scan the other three images one at a time