PST - Preparing To File in QB - Self Assess Procedures

When processing PST don't forget the COMMISSION!  This is also an adjustment. PST Self-assessment when filing taxes

1)                  Go to manage taxes

2)                  File Sales Tax  (PST)


3)                  "amount not assigned a line....." message.  These are your SELF-ASSESS PST items.

4)                  click on <Add to Return> button.  And the following should display.....


5)                  Select the "sale Tax Item" for self assess....and fill in as follows


6)                  Then collect the PST commission (box C) by clicking the <Adjust Return> button on the "File Sales Tax" window and enter as follows:


7)                  When filing the FORM....make sure that you enter the purchase amount of the items that you are SELF-ASSESSing on.  Take the self assess amount and divide by 0.07 to get the amount for line E.  Self assess tax goes in line F.

see document in LHF/financial/PST Self - film PST.docx