PAL Hi8 or 8mm Video Transfers

Overview Hi8 or 8mm video tape in PAL format needs to be digitized into NTSC format....either for computer digital file or DVD or Blu-Ray.

Use the PAL Hi8 camcorder to read the tape, out put through the Canopus ADVC 110 box to the PC via Sony Vegas capture.


  • Sony CCD-TRV69E PAL Hi8 camcorder
  • Canopus ADVC 110 (the 100 or 300 would also do fine)
  • PC with Sony Vegas Pro


  1. Switch the Canopus box from NTSC to PAL by changing DIP switch (Video Format switch 6) to ON. ALSO, ensure that switch 5 is set to OFF. Reverse these switches when done with the PAL session to return the Canopus back to normal NTSC capture settings: 5 = ON, 6 = OFF.
  2. Make sure the Canopus box is turned off and on before changing DIP switch and turned back on (ie. the firewire is plugged in to power the Canopus ON and unplugged to turn it OFF).
  3. There are also two (2) settings in the Sony Vegas Capture tabs that need to reflect "PAL" instead of "NTSC".
  4. Connect composite from Sony camcorder to Canopus box.  Use the S-Video and Left and Right audio connections.
  5. Ensure the firewire is connected to the Canopus box and the PC
  6. Open Sony Vegas capture for DV.
  7. Load the PAL tape into the camcorder
  8. Turn the camcorder to VCR mode (switch is on the lens barrel)
  9. Press the play button on the camcorder and check the Vegas capture window
  10. When everything is done do not forget to change the DIP switch back