CIS and Epson Printer Troubleshooting


  • syringe with tube
  • syringe with tube (2nd one)
  • cleaning solution for inkjet
  • isopropyl alcohol 99%

1) Air in the system - method 1

  • remove small plug in top of cartridge and stick end of syringe in hole and draw air until ink in drawn
  • eject drawn put ink into bulk ink container
  • always clean syringe with warm water before going to the next colour
  • repeat for all hoses that appear to have air

2) Air in system - method 2

  • pull cartridges out of carriage
  • lay cartridge stack on it's side
  • stick syringe into hole in the bottom of the cartridge and draw ink until air is gone from hose
  • eject ink into bulk ink tank
  • clean syringe with warm water
  • repeat for each colour that has a problem

"Replace Cartridge"

  • follow the prompts and click through the <next> and <ok> buttons until.....
  • window talks about next step is to "charge" the cartridge and prompts <ok>
  • push the button on the circuit board (attached on the back side of the cartridges) in the printer
  • then click the <ok> button to start the charging
  • finally click the <finish> button and you're done


Tried cleaning the ink many times and many different ways.  Always resulted in the print pattern being bad...especially the black.  Eventually got all the inks printing great except the black which would print close to fine and then bad!  Replaced the with original and it worked fine!