Vegas Sound Sweetening En Masse Notes

Vegas 12 Procedures for Audio project Feschuk: Whereby Feschuk was recorded onto four (4) tracks as was possible on the reel-to-reel tape used, within Vegas:

  • Normally there will be only 2 tracks used (ie. Stereo Left/Right)
  • on occasion there will be both A and B sides of the reel-to-reel tape used; therefore there will have been 4 tracks used (A/B)
  • When all tapes have been digitized within their own folders the "sweetening" begins to take out "machine hum or room noise"
  • All tracks (left/right) are then placed into a new instance of Vegas onto 2 tracks
  • All four tracks from within Explorer are dragged and dropped onto the first track
  • the 2 tracks not used will be obviously not used and can now be deleted
  • the 2nd track of the recording (right?) can then be dragged to the track and directly below it's counterpart (left?)
  • leaders at the front and at the backend of the clip can now be trimmed appropriately
  • then by double-clicking the "region" and pressing "R" on the keyboard the "region" can now be labelled placing the Folder name above ie. "004" or "089"
  • With an example of the "Event Attributes" saved at the beginning of the track then copied and applied via "paste Event Attributes" on the right-click of the clip or selected group of clips
  • It is a good idea to have the "trimmed" clips in place before naming regions
  • Loop regions - can be collapsed to get rid of them. Up to this point this is the only solution