WAV File Too Big For Vegas or Windows

Overview WAV files are supposed to be less than 2GB.  Vegas and many other Windows programs (Audicity, Ultimate Video Convertor, Magix, ACDSee Convertor, etc) follow the convention and cannot read WAV files that are bigger than 2GB.


I just finished downloading two DVCAM tapes that were 3 hours in length.   Machina generated a AVI and WAV file for each video.  The 3 hour WAV file was just over 4GB in size and Vegas could not import it.  Vegas gave an error when importing it and dropped a few second long audio clip on the timeline!  I posted to creativecow and got help.


The program eac3to converted the wav file to a w64 (64bit wav) that could be ingested into Vegas.

eac3go.exe is located in the eac3to folder on Apollo's C drive.  The program is a command line program that has many additional options that are enter in the command line.


1)  <win>R (cmd run)  ... this should open a command prompt

2)  cd \ to get to root directory

3)  cd <directory>  .... to get to the directory where the WAV file is located...and the subsequent W64 will be located.

4)  enter the cmd:   c:\eac3to\eac3to <filename>.wav  <filename>.w64  ....where filename is the name of the file (easiest if no blanks in name)

5)  the program took less than 4 minutes to process a 4GB WAV file.


Lots of details on how to use the options can be found here: