Create Chapter Marks For DVD Architect

Overview Sometimes we generate files for DVD Architect to author a DVD and we forget to create the chapter marks for generating scene selection menu in DVD Architect.  Normally one would create the chapter marks in Sony Vegas and render the files for DVD Architect.  In this case we used Vegas to render files for 68 DVD's and then realized we wanted a scene selection every 15 minutes.  The problem is we never created the markers in Vegas necessary for creating the chapters in DVD Architect that are needed to create the scene selections.


  1. Manually create the markers in DVD Architect!
  2. Create the markers in Vegas and re-render the files!
  3. PREFERRED: Use Ultimate-S to generate the marker files for DVD Architect.

Preferred Solution

Use Ultimate-S to generate the marker files for DVD Architect.


  • Find the longest video file of the our case that was a 2:03 (h:mm) video.
  • Open Vegas and load video onto the timeline.
  • Go to Ultimate S and select the Markers tab.
  • Create markers named "Chapter nn" where nn is the sequence.  We created a chapter every 15 minutes.
  • Then select the DVD tab of Ultimate S (image above).
  • Select "Create the DVD Architect chapter file" (see highlighted line above).
  • Enter the name of the "sfl" file for the video file you want.  For example, film1.mpg should be film1.mpg.sfl
  • Replace the .....mpg.sfl files
  • Now load the mpg files into DVD Architect and the chapters should be loaded too.

You only need to load the longest video file in Vegas as if the video file is shorter and we create a sfl file for it, DVD Architect will simply stop at the end of the video file and drop the remaining chapters.