RetroScan process

From the Retro machines the film processing migrates along in the system to various folders. This is the process:

  • RetroScan scans the film and the raw file is created in the RetroScan  Albums under the Q: drive of Thor; the raw file is a .film file.
  • these files from the RetroScan are then "exported" as jpg files into the RetroScanExports folder on the S: drive of Thor
  • from Vegas the timeline is produced and edited; from here the exported file (the jpg's) is imported and then "rendered out" as (typically) an AVI, and/or MXF, and/or MP4 file depending on the customer use, and placed in the Renders folder on the S: drive and may then be moved elsewhere on the system if needed for editing (ie. sound editing) and or DVD authoring. The Vegas "veg" file is stored in the RetroAlbum folder (Q:drive) with the name of the client, the folder is named with the client name and is preceded by the date created.