Micro Cassette Transfer To Digital

Overview A micro cassette is a small audio cassette that was commonly used in answering machines, dictation machines, and small format audio recorders.


We have a Sony Micro Cassette-corder M-601.  The unit is capable of playing in 2 speeds, 1.2 or 2.4 cm/sec (or 15/16 or 15/32 ips).  The recording is 2 track, 1 channel, monoaural.

DO NOT TOUCH THE PAUSE BUTTON - the pause button gets stuck and will not come back up without taking the unit apart.

Set Up

The M-601 is packed in it's original box on the shelf.

  1. Unpack the unit.
  2. Check the m-601 batteries, push PLAY to activate the battery indicator.
  3. Plug the stereo (or mono/either or) phone cable (M-M) into the earphone jack on the side of the unit.
  4. Plug the other end of the mono/stereo-phono cable into the Echo patch box with a MONO jack only - ISSUES ARISE when this is inadvertently swapped with a STEREO JACK.  Use analogue input 7 ON THE ECHO (LAYLA).... the same input that was used for the Super8 audio input whence we digitized Super8 audio separately. This set-up can then be tested by simply pulling the stereo/mono plug from the Micro deck.
  5. On MUSIC open the Micro-Mono-Anolog7 audio veg file and setup the folder to record into.
  6. Test the tape, ie. this can be done by simply pulling the stereo plug from the machine.
  7. Rewind tape and record.