Standard CD Case Cover

Overview How to create a standard CD case cover.



For editing the content of the case cover


For creating the tags and titles etc. for the case cover.

Nero CoverDesigner (v9)

For creating the case cover.


For moving title data, etc into the case cover.


  1. Create the wav files for the CD.  Probably using Sony Vegas.  Name the regions, and file names as "nn aaaaa" ...where nn is the track number and aaaa is the title of the track.
  2. Run Tag& Rename to set the tags (on Apollo).
    1. Go to directory with wav files and right click and select "tag&rename"
    2. Copy  the track number and title from the file names.
    3. Add anything else you need to the tags.
  3. Create cover art for the case using ACDSee.
  4. Open Nero Burning ROM and set up the CD
    1.  Drag wav files in
    2. Organize the wav files
    3. Save the nra file
  5. Create the cover
    1. In Nero, under File, select <print disc cover>
    2. This will open Nero Cover Designer and copy the titles etc to the cover.
    3. Edit the cover design and save or print.
    4. NOTE: The back cover insert will be too wide if using photo-paper.  I found that it fits if you move the right edge title from within the template to the left so that the bottom of the title is on the left template guide of the edge title.
  6. I usually use PrintCD to print disc surfaces.