Film Restore - Unshrink or Deshrink

Overview We have a few films that require unshrinking.  Reintroducing plastic into the films base is the idea.


1)   Mix up solution.

2)   Place solution in bottom of 35mm film can (metal).

3)   Place wire rack in can to provide "shelf" to hold film above solution

4)   Place film on rack.

5)   Close can and leave for 2 to 4 weeks?


The higher the temperature the faster the process.  For example at 10 C it will be months and at 30 C it will be weeks.


1:1:3 of....Acetone, Gylcerol, and water.  The mixture will evaporate easily so it must be kept in a closed container.

You can also change the mix and it may work a little better.....see the reference below.

Adding camphor for nitrate based film or methyl phthalate (both plasticizers for nitrate and acetate bases respectively) may help in the process.

Testing and Results

(info to be added when testing)

Objective is to test the basic solution without the extra plasticizer.

How much solution do I need?  .....................

June 18, 2015 - placed 50ml of acetone and glycerine and 150ml of filtered water in 35mm can with 2 8mm films (Piedrahita)


Restoration Of Motion Picture Film pg 252

Methyl phthalate best deal to purchase

Royal Society of Chemistry website...good info

Synonyms:  Monomethyl phthalate; phthalic acid monomethyl ester; 2-(methoxycarbonyl)benzoic acid; 1,2-benzenedicarboxylic acid, 1-methyl ester

Good website about: Methyl Phthalate etc