Capturing DAT Tapes

Overview DAT tapes look very similar to miniDV tapes.  The thickness of the tapes are pretty much the same as 8mm video and miniDV tapes.  The tapes are 3-4mm larger than the miniDV tapes in both width and length.  DAT tapes existed for a short period of time before CDs really took off.  DAT's were used for high quality digital audio recordings.

Our Setup

We use the TASCAM DA-30 MkII that is connected to the Echo Layla 24 via a S/PDIF black coax cable with RCA connectors (one at each end).  We capture using Vegas on MUSIC.  In the RAW folder on MUSIC is a template Vegas file called "Stereo DAT...".


Make sure the S/PDIF black coax cable is plugged into the S/PDIF RCA connection at the back of the Echo box and the other end is plugged into the Digital RCA connection at the back of the DAT player.

Prepare to capture:

1)  Open Stereo DAT veg file

2)  Create capture folder in RAW

3)  Go to the Echo console (see in system tray or check under program files).

4)  Use the saved settings for DAT.

5)  Play DAT and test system.

6)   Restore the Echo console settings to analogue - use saved "standard analogue settings".

Echo Console Settings

The primary setting for DAT or analogue (everything else) is the INPUT CLOCK setting.

For DAT this must be set to S/PDIF and for everything else this must be INTERNAL.

Under the DIGITAL MODE settings, for DAT (for analogue this setting has no impact so does not need to be changed), this needs to be set to S/PDIF RCA.