Dropped Frames During Capture

Problem We were experiencing lots of dropped frames during a SVHS tape capture (about 10 tapes from one customer).  We were using Sony Vegas' vidcap and the ADVC300 canopus box on the win10 PC.

We tried:

  • different system harddrives
  • confirming defrag had been run
  • CPU was not busy
  • system was not busy
  • cleaned tape

In all cases the dropped frame count did not really change.

Even tried the following DV capture programs:

  • WinDV
  • Scenalyzer

WinDV resulted in the same large number of dropped frames and Scenalyzer kept stopping before the drop frame "source".


All of the tapes had gaps between the clips of a few seconds or more.  These gaps were pure snow....ie. nothing recorded.  When one of the capture programs hit the gap it immediately clocked up about 100 or more dropped frames.

Seems that there is nothing wrong with vidcap...I thought that there may have been an issue with Win10.