Print DVD or CD

Overview Using the Epson Print CD program to print on watershield discs I've noticed that a number of times the pictures have a green tint to them.


Xavier has the printer directly connected to it.  Apollo2 goes through the network to print to Xavier.


1) Tried printing from Apollo2 and no matter what I change the green tint remains.

2) Tried printing directly from Xavier and there I could change the tint to acceptable.

Solution - What Worked

On Xavier I printed the DVD watershield surface and it looked better.  Here's what I did:

1)  Opened the Epson Print CD program and loaded the background image that I wanted to print.

2) Select the Print button.

3) Print window should have:  Media Type:  CD/DVD;  Print Color Correction:  +1

4) Click the "Manual Print" button / printer properties / shortcuts tab

5) Select custom printing preset:  "DVD minus green tint"

To Setup Custom Color Control

1) Click the "Manual Print" button / printer properties / advanced tab

a) settings should be "color controls" and "Epson vivid"

b) click the "settings" button and make sure  settings are (or something similar):

saturation: +7

cyan:  -13;  magneta:  +11;  yellow: +2

c) save as "custom settings"