File Sharing With Customers

Overview Our goal is to efficiently send files to customers.  The challenge has been to send these large files in a timely manner.

We upgraded our internet from Shaw's 5/50 to Telus' 20/100Mbps in order to send files faster to our customers.

We tried sending a 1GB file using DropBox and Paul's LicketyLink (Amazon backend) and they both show speeds of about 1.4Mbps.  Google Drive showed about 17Mbps.  When I checked the route trace it show 3 hops for Drive and about 13 or 14 for the other two.

Now we have a Synology NAS set up and we just tried the file sharing using a 1.56GB video file.

Hans had some trouble with Chrome and Edge hanging and got it to work with Firefox....took more than 1 hour.  Han's download speed with Shaw is 7Mbps.  Assuming 1 hour for Hans...his speed was less than 3.5Mpbs (and this was during a busy internet time...afternoon).

Doug also tried the same file and downloaded it in about 15 minutes using Chrome.  Doug has Telus and 25Mbps download.  Assuming 15 minutes, Doug's speed was about 14Mbps.


We will now start using the NAS file sharing capability to send files to our customers.


Log into the NAS.  Browse to the file you want to share  on U or R.  Right click the file and select the share option at the bottom of the list.  Place a password on the file, leave the default of valid for 1 week, and capture the link.  Past the link into an email to the customer.