Nikon 5000 Film and Slide Scanner - not working on Apollo2

Overview It appears that the Nikon film scanner is no longer working properly on Apollo2 (new Dell with Win10).


Slide scanning works fine.  Scanning negatives works fine IF you do not use ICE!  If you scan negatives normally (with ICE) you get an scanner error pop up after the first negative of the strip is scanned.  If you check the log is says:

ERROR: Acquisition Failure.
The image was not saved.
Occasionally, the first negative will scan and it will error out on the next negative.
After doing some research online it appears that the driver is having a problem with PC's that have a fast CPU and etc.  I thought it maight be an issue with a damaged (outer shell was a bit broken) USB cable....but I tested with a new cable and it still had the same problem.
We know that it worked fine with Win7 and Apollo (old PC).  So, for now we've moved the scanner to Flag which is still running on WinXP.

ERROR: Acquisition Failure.The image was not saved.