Rack#1 versus Rack#2 Setup

Overview We currently have two equipment racks that contain more or less similar video equipment.  The goal is to have two racks so that we can ingest two streams of video.

Flow to DVD recorder

Connections need to be set up between the VCR and the Toshiba DVD recorder.

Flow to PC

Each rack has basically four capture flows:

1)  IEEE 1394 or firewire to PC

Generally this applies only to the DVcam and miniDV decks.  The firewwire directly connects from the deck to the PC.  The PC can also control the deck.  Capture can be done using Vegas or Virtualdub (DV NTSC batch).

2)  Canopus and firewire to PC

Any of the consumer decks can be routed to the Canopus via RCA or RCA and S-Video.  Vegas DV capture is used to capture the footage.

3)  TBC and component to PC

Any consumer deck and the Umatic deck can be connected to the TBC via s-video or composite or Umatic dub.  The TBC (DPS-295) outputs via the component cables.  In Rack#1 the component plugs into the Blackmagic Studio 4K  capture card.  In Rack#2 the component and the audio plug into the Blackmagic mini Analogue to SDI and that via SDI to the Blackmagic Studio 2 capture card.  On the PC capture can be do via Vegas (HD capture) or Virtualdub or BM Media Express.

4)  SDI to PC

Some of the professional decks such as the Digibeta and the DVcam decks can output SDI directly into the BM Studio capture card.  Capture on the PC can be done via Vegas (HD capture) or Virtualdub or BM Media Express.