Vegas Capture Settings

Overview This post will itemize peculiar settings, their functions and scenarios in Sony Vegas that can sometimes stump you while capturing media.



One issue that happened on SPACE when capturing for VHS:  every time the tape dropped it's timecode (gap in the video) the capture stopped.  The capture stopped every minute or two because there were lots of minor gaps.  All the settings under the capture preferences (both general and capture tabs, etc) windows were the same as Capture2.  Yet Capture2 worked fine as it captured the same tape as one video file....not broken into clips.  Enable DV scene detection (capture tab) was unchecked and the Enable DV device control (general tab) was checked.  The solution was to un-check "Enable DV device control".


Enable DV scene detection

This setting is in the Sony Video Capture component of Sony Vegas, used to capture video footage. It is found under Preferences, under the Capture tab, and is at the top of the items of Capture Preferences.

When "Enabled" (box is checked) this option directs Sony Video Capture to independently capture "scenes" automatically thereby resulting in a list of clips captured in the chosen folder. When not checked Sony Video Capture will capture the entire media as one avi clip. If the client is intending on using clips this feature is handy, but generally we capture the entire media all at once; therefore we leave the box UN-checked.


Enable DV device control

This is found under the Capture window's preferences selection under the Capture tab.   This is used for the Vegas capture to control the VCR/VTR.  Typically we use this to control the miniDV decks that connect directly to the PC via a firewire (IEEE 1394).  However, it appears that when we have this selected and we are using the Canopus ADVC 300 it causes the captured file to break up into clips every time there is a break in the time-code.  This can be VERY annoying as the tape keeps going and the capture stops.....this means a LOT of rewinding and restarting.

Leave this un-checked UNLESS you are controlling a miniDV deck....especially when using the Canopus ADVC 300.

One advantage to having this checked is that the video capture stops at the end of the tape.  With this un-checked the video capture keeps going.