Canopus - Computer Connections

Capturing with the Canopus capture box is the alternative to using the BlackMagic box; this is used when the customer requests an AVI container whereby we do not need to capture with FFV1 or FFV1.3 and then convert to AVI. When dealing with VHS or SVHS there are two ways to connect to the Canopus. VHS Connection:

With the VHS deck, where there is no S-video out, the video out is simply connected to the Video In on the front of the Canopus, as are the Left and Right of the Audio. The Canopus is then connected to the computer via Firewire, thereby including both video and audio.

S-VHS Connection:

The S-VHS deck has S-Video OUT. An S-Video cable thereby is connected to the S-Video IN on the front of the Canopus. Again, the Canopus is then connected to the computer via Firewire (video and audio included).

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Issue with the Canopus on Capture 2

If Vegas does not recognize the  Canopus device - try powering everything down. Then disconnect the  Canopus firewire as this is powering the  Canopus, it will then re-set the  Canopus when powering back up. This has seemed to solve this issue.