File Sharing With Mac Via Synology

Overview We sent a customer (MB - Lara Palmer) a link to download a 28GB file (DigiBeta).  The customer was on a Mac and fiber (in Tofino).  Took 3.5 hours to download.  When it finished downloading it failed with an unzip error from the Mac.  This is sending a download link from the Synology NAS.

File Sharing

When we send a link to a folder, the customer connects on the Internet and sees the files in the folder.  The customer can select one file at a time to download or the entire folder to download ("Folder" button).  If the folder is selected, then a zip of the folder is downloaded.


Instead of using the standard unzip program on a Mac people have found that using "StuffIt Expander" or "BetterZip" works.  Our customer tried StuffIt and it worked fine.


I've submitted a trouble log to Synology and they are looking into it.