Creating Presets for Video/DVDs

Creating Presets for Video/DVDs When creating DVDs we are limited to roughly 4.4 gigs of space on a disk. This means that the variety of video tapes destined for DVD will need to be re-sized by way of re-rendering thier bit rate. If for example they are captured as AVI's, the size will be much too large for DVDs. A 2 hour video will be some 27.5 gigs!! And that would require a re-compressing of the video with a preset of 4.42 mps.

Within Ultimate S in Vegas there are a number of the usual presets already made for our purposes; but sometimes we may need a preset that more suits our needs.

Proceedure to create a preset:

1. If within Ultimate S the preset does not exist in the drop-down list then we need to go a step prior to Ultimate S and go to File/Render As...

2. In the box of selections, as an example, find "Program Stream NTSC

3. The "Customize Template..." button will now become available. Click on it.

4. Most times you will only need to change the "Average (bps):" And even so, only needing to change the top digits of the 6,000,000 (to corespond to the say 5.7mbs that you need); so it would become 5,700,000

5. Now it is necessary to re-create this preset within Ultimate-S. Select one of the standards (ie.: NTSC DV with AC3 audio - or the widescreen version, ), click Edit List, from the Template drop down, select the preset created in Vegas; make sure "Save Project markers in media file is selected", click ADD!! Then select OLD template (you may need to expand column to confirm) and remove it. Click OK, then change the title in the Preset drop-down window(IMPORTANT), Then click on the Save icon (mouse-over says "Save the current preset"). Click OK on the dialog box. Warning: IF you didn't change the title you would have inadvertently obliterated the old preset of that name.

6. This newly created preset should now be at the bottom of the list within Ultimate S.


ISSUE: No Chapter Marks in Scene Selection in DVD Architect!!! The problem stemmed all the way back to creating the preset and not selecting the check mark "Save project markers in media file" in the dialogue box that comes up in Ultimate S when clicking on the Edit List... button. The clue will be that Markers will be listed as "False" in the list on the Render panel of Ultimate S. Be warned!!