Competition?: Photo Express

Overview A customer (Diane Sparks-Cassidy) complained that I was charging too much.  Customer wanted films on DVD and digital.  I charged $21.99 per 50ft plus $6.49 for audio.  She said that Photo Express would do it for $10 per 50 ft. to DVD only.

Photo Express

Called them and spoke to Marcel.  The rate is $10 per 50 feet plus a onetime $50 setup fee.  Marcel stated that films are not good quality so do not expect much.  They do not fix the too dark or too bright or shakiness, etc.  They DO NOT do frame by frame….”…that would be way too expensive”.

It takes 10 to 20 days because they have to send it to Toronto.


Can they put the film onto a flashdrive or?  He’ll check and I am to call him back in a couple hours. $15 setup fee plus cost of flashdrive.

1600 – 1800 feet on each dvd.

Also need to ask if they can handle audio?  NO


So, there you have it...poor quality.  No audio.  No frame-by-frame, etc.