Deposited personal cheque into Business account

Overview Accidentally deposited personal cheque into the business account.   Obviously to reslove this I transferred the cheque amount from the business chequing to the personal chequing.  Now how do we fix Quickbooks to reflect this mess.



here are the entries:

Debit Bank account $$ Credit Petty Cash $$

Then in the same entry or another: Credit Bank Account $$ Debit Petty Cash $$

These are all GJ entries, there is no attribution necessary.

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Well, I decided to not go the Petty Cash route because it didn't accurately describe the actual transaction (i.e., the $75 did not go into Petty Cash, etc.).

Here's what I ended up doing. I created a Clearing Account (acct type Bank) to be used for bank errors, etc. In Make Deposits, I added a line to the deposit of checks where I put the name of my bank in the Received From field, the Clearing Account in the From Account field, a description, and the amount, and then clicked Save. This resulted in an increase of $75 in the checking account and a -$75 in the Clearing Account.

To record the online transfer of the funds out of the account, I did a Transfer of Funds from the checking account to the Clearing Account. This effectively zeroed out both.

Thanks for all of your suggestions!

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yes, your clearing account is essentially my Petty Cash..

Good you got it solved.

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