Transcode for Streaming for City of North Vancouver

Overview City had DVCAM tapes from council meeting taped by Shaw.  It was supposed to be streamed on to the internet.  They asked me to digitize the tapes and create videos of 768 Kbps video and 128 Kbps audio and 44.1KHz and aspect of 854 x 480.


Found that trancoding DVCAM using myffmpeg or Vegas ended with the audio being out-of-sync!  Using the Amerisoft program worked.

Additionally we were asked to trim the second tape to about 12 minutes ....we digitized about 3 hours and found that was old recordings.  Using Amerisoft Video Converter we can trim tape 2 and merge the tow tapes.  The end of tape 1 went into rewind of the DVCAM.  Amerisoft trim doe not work well in these scenarios so I trimmed the MP4's from Amerisoft in Vegas.


Use the Amerisoft Video Converter Ultimate.  Update the Facebook (select internet/web) parameters: