Vegas: Multi channel rendering

Overview Some VHS tapes have both standard and Hi-Fi audio tracks.  This amounts to 4 channels (2 stereo pairs) of audio.

Capture Information

Capturing these VHS tapes can only be done on a Hi-Fi vcr, Sony SVO2100.  Need to make sure the 4 cables are connected to the Blackmagic 4K Studio audio connections 1 to 4.  You can capture the 4 tracks using either BM Media Express or Vegas.  Vegas  capture needs to be done using the HDV option.  The MXF container can handle up to 8 tracks of audio.  AVI does not handle more than 2 tracks of audio.

Capture Setup

  1. Set the BM "Desktop Video Utility" so that the inputs are component for video and XLR for audio.
  2. Turn on the TBC (DPS-295) and make sure the Input settings are SVHS and HET.
  3. If using Vegas, capture using the HDV option.
    1. Select the Decklink device.
    2. Use the MXF format option.
    3. Make sure the the audio channels show 4.

Render Information

Sometimes it becomes necessary to trim or edit the multi-channel MXF files.  Drop the video and audio onto the timeline.  Duplicate the audio track.  Under the channel option make sure the second track is set to channels 3/4 (the first track will default to 1/2).

Then you need to assign the stereo tracks to Bus A and Bus B.

Then you need to go to the "render as" and select the MXF render.  Check the "view all options" at the bottom of the render window.  Now you can check the "enable multi-channel" and open the multi-channel window.  Select the bus's (ie. A and B...not mono ones).

When you select "enable multi-channel", the multi channel renders appear in the list.  Select the "NTSC MPEG IMX 50 - 4 channel" option as this one already has 4 channels set up to render.  Obviously if you are rendering 8 the 8 channel option.  In our case here we are only playing around with 2 stereo tracks, ie. 4.

Now go to render template's audio tab and select the number of channels (ie. 4).

Now render.   Confirm that the mediainfo shows Channels: 8 channels, Channels_original: 4 channels.