Transcode for 4K TV

Objective: To get the highest quality transcode possible specifically focused on ProRes film transfers.


4K ProRes 422HQ

2K ProRes 422HQ

4K smartTV Samsung

Current Myffmpeg and ffmpeg


  • 422 does not seem to work with myffmpeg – error
  • If 16:9 is not specified, then the TV shows a 4:3 with black bars
  • 4K, 4096x2160, only works once on the TV and then the TV shows black screen
    • Turning TV off and on makes it work again…only once more
    • Audio works
  • H265 does not seem to work
  • What does work:
    • 16x9
    • H264
    • AAC
    • UHD 3840x2160
    • 2048x1536
    • MP4
  • AVI and MKV are supposed to work….but could not get one working maybe due to the combination of other items.

MyFFmpeg parameters:

These parameters seem to work fine with our 4K TV:

  • UHD H264 High 16x9 MP4
    • Should work fine for 4K ProRes files
  • 2K H264 High 16x9 MP4
    • Should work fine for 2K ProRes files