Record a TV Program To PC

Overview One of my customers occasionally asks me to record a TV program as her daughter is an actor and she would like to use the program clips for her portfolio.

Equipment (Rack#1 equipment and setup)

  • TV monitor (optional)
  • A/V switch box
  • Canopus ADVC300
  • PC - SPACE
  • Vegas software for capture
  • Telus optic box and remote

Solution Summary

Plug the Telus box into the network.  The output from the box goes into the switch box that in turn feeds to the Canopus and the firewire to Space.  Vegas records from the firewire.  The TV monitor will monitor the output from the Canopus.

How To

  1. Get the Telus Optic box
    1. Plug in the network cable into the box...should be able to plug directly into the little swithc box under the modem by FLAG
    2. Power it up the box
    3. keep in mind that the box requires 15 to 20 minutes or so to initialize before one can use it
  2. Connect composite video and L and R audio cable to the outputs on the back of the Telus box and the input #5 of  the switch box
  3. Turn on the Canopus ADVC300
  4. Turn on the TV monitor (optional)
  5. Open up Vegas on SPACE and capture using DV
  6.  May have to open up Canopus Picture Controller to get the canopus to switch to analogue