Executive Summary

Techno Monkey Media (TMM) is excited to be working to realizing its true growth potential. The company has undergone branding to increase recognition of its quality services. TMM provides video and photo services to three market segments. The company provides high end corporate services like documentaries, commercials, and training, solutions to recording dance studio recitals and competitions, and weddings. TMM has enjoyed financial and product success with large scale projects such as organization anniversary documentaries and smaller intense projects like same-day one hour turnaround photo and video media at dance competitions. TMM has also experienced success with mid range projects such as weddings. As a side effect of documentaries, we are also able to offer media transfers from film and other older media to DVD as an ancillary stream of income.

The consumer dollars spent on video productions and media transfers comes out of the growing recreation industry segment which topped $761 million in 2004.  From 1998 to 2004 this segment grew by a staggering 39%.  TMM’s quality work has resulted in many work-of-mouth referrals.  This signature of quality will be used by the company in its marketing to achieve revenue targets.

John Romein and Paul Romein are the partners in the company.  Both have experience in videography from running this business as a hobby for a few years.  John’s strengths are marketing, accounting, and organization, while Paul’s strengths are filming and editing.  Their combined skills and their determination to deliver quality products will contribute strongly to the success of the company.

The startup costs of the business have been fully financed by the partners. The company’s current year saw a gross income of approximately $70,000. The company has analyzed projects from this last year to determine which revenue streams were the most profitable and ways to increase profitability of some others. The forecast for 2009 is $180,000-$250,000 gross income.