RAW Materials

These materials refer to media that we have captured or obtained, and are cataloged according to the source media type.  These typically materials that are included raw-structure

  • With our current structure, most RAW materials get stored on the M: drive.
  • The most common folders are DigiCam, Scanned, and MiniDV.
  • The M drive is automatically backed up once a day.
  • All MiniDV tapes we upload get stored under M:/RAW/MiniDV/
  • The N: drive does not get backed up, and is intended for materials we have copies of in other locations (such as our MiniDV footage)
  • "RAW" folders can be stored on any drive, just make sure to maintain the same structure, always.

The proper structure is as follows:

For cataloged material types such as MiniDV:

*Root folder on drive* /RAW/ *Source Media Type* / * MEDIA FILES *

For other non-cataloged material types:

*Root folder on drive* /RAW/ *Source Media Type* / *YY-MM-DD Description Label* / * MEDIA FILES *

In rare cases, you may want to use a RAW folder within a project structure.  This this case, you can simply create the same structure within the project folder.

Also, there is one last exception to the structure rule.  In the scenario where you simply will only have many of one group of item, such as only DigiCam photos, you can recreate the structure with hyphens instead of creating sub-directories.  For example, to combine the last two exceptions, you can do the following: K:/My Project/RAW - DigiCam - Paul's Camera/09-02-16 Work/.