Project Review

Project Edit Reviews

Typically on larger scale projects, we will do reviews at points throughout a project via a sheet with a column for the timecode, and another for notes. You can download the form here:

Common Product Review

For common products such as dance recitals, theater performances, and so on, when you're project has been prepared and is ready for the quality assurance stage, download the following form, and get someone to review your project.

The grading scale is out of six per section (Camera, Audio, Editing, Authoring, and Label), for a total score of 30.  This score will help assist in faster selection of quality products to use as samples, as well as to help us see where we're doing well and where we need improvement.

Scores should be awarded with extreme discretion:

0 A score of zero should only be given if the task wasn't included for the specific project.
1 This is the lowest score, and probably means that it was amateur and in some cases incomplete.
2 This is a more typical score, given when the bare minimum has been met.  There has been no attempt to go above and beyond.
3 Three's should be given where there is a good base of quality, with some good attempts to go above and beyond.
4 A score of four is given when there is a solid base of quality, with good aspects of creativity that make it stand out.
5 Five's are hard to get.  These typically have a very solid professional base, with great aspects that go above and beyond.
6 A score of six is next to impossible to achieve.  These demonstrate professionalism through passion, innovation, and creativity.

Note that half points may be awarded where deemed fit.