Updating TMM Website

Updating the TMM website is easy.  When you are logged into the website's admin panel and are browsing the website, you will see a "Edit page" link in orange at the bottom of each page.  Simply click this button and it will bring you into the WordPress back-end and you will be able to edit the page easily!  For more information on writing posts and pages, see the WordPress documentation. If you do not see this orange link at the bottom and still wish to edit the page, simply open a new tab to login to the admin panel at www.lifetimeheritagefilms.com/wp-admin/, then go back to the tab with the page that you want to edit, and click the orange "Edit this page" link.

[flv width="640" height="500"]http://www.lifetimeheritagefilms.com/knowledgebase/wp-content/m_uploads/2009/04/09-04-23_updating_tmm_website_400kbps.flv[/flv]

Don't forget to logout when done.