Edit & Version Numbers Explained

This article can be clarified better later, but I just wanted to note the difference between versions and edits. When creating something like an edit on a video, we start by appending (Edit 1.0) to the file name, and then count up from there to (Edit 1.1) and (Edit 1.2), etc. When you reach (Edit 1.9), you continue with (Edit 2.0), OR if you make a drastic enough change at a lower increment, you may jump directly to something like (Edit 2.0). Most of the time, all edit's are saved so that we can always go back should we need to.  Edits are very common.

Versions are different.  Whenever a document TEMPLATE is created, it becomes version number.  For example, the first disc surface template is called "Disc Surface Template (Version 1.0)", and whenever the template is changed, is is then saved as (Version 1.0), and so on.  Again, if a drastic enough change is made, it can jump to the next major number, such as (Version 2.0).

The last part of the puzzle is connecting Versions to Edits.

When creating file, based off a template, make a copy of the template file and rename it to (Based on Version 1.0).  Again with our example of the disc surface document, the file would change as follows:

  • *Template Folder*\Disc Surface Template (Version 1.0).psd
  • *Project Folder*\Disc Surface (Based on Version 1.0).psd

The first draft for the disc surface for the given project would be saved as that last filename.  Treat any file with (Based on Version x) as the same as saying (Edit 1.0), except that it helps refer back to which template is was created from.  So for example, should we be working with version 2.3 of a template and we go on to make a few draft edits, the progression would change as follows:

  • *Template Folder*\Disc Surface Template (Version 2.3).psd
  • *Project Folder*\Disc Surface (Based on Version 2.3).psd
  • *Project Folder*\Disc Surface (Edit 1.1).psd
  • *Project Folder*\Disc Surface (Edit 1.2).psd
  • *Project Folder*\Disc Surface (Edit 1.3).psd

This system helps keep templates separate from edits, and also helps refer as far back as the template.