Exporting Epson Print CD labels to another format

Issue: We have a disc label that was created in the "Epson Print CD" program and we want to export the label to be used somewhere else such as the Mircoboards PF-Pro printer ("SureThing CD Labeller" program).  The Epson creates a proprietary file with a .ec3 extension.  This file cannot be ported into any other program directly.


  1. Open up ec3 file in the "Epson Print CD" program.
  2. Click the <print> button which should open up the print dialogue window.
  3. Click the <Manual Print> button located in the lower right of the window.
  4. Now select the Adobe pdf "printer" and print
  5. The resulting file will now be in pdf format and one can simply "save as" from Adobe PDF into a png, jpg, or whatever.

Once the file is in a more standard format, we can import the file into programs such as "SureThing CD Labeller" for printing on the PF-Pro.