Transfer Speeds Between Harddrive and ?

Good article on transfer speeds between harddrives (HDD's) can be found (includes Ethernet, USB, Firewire(IEEE1394), etc):

In summary, to transfer data from our system to a USB 2.0 HDD should take an average of 20-25 MB/s (from the article - "....actual data transfer rate [of USB 2.0 High-speed] will be lower than 480 mbps (57.2 MB/s). Our measurement result of data transfer rate with USB 2.0 storage device (HDD) is about 20 - 25 MB/s on average.")

USB fast is it? Theoretically USB 3.0 is 10 times faster than 2.0, but in actual tests it is closer to 3.5 times faster.  Real world tests have shown 3.5 times faster so use a rate of ......70 - 90 MB/s

NOTE: 1 GB of data to a hardrive with.....

USB 2.0 will take......  41 to 51 minutes

USB 3.0 will take......   12 to 15 minutes....tests below show this as being more like 30 seconds



USB 3.0 cable connected to Xavier.  Date of test: Feb 4, 2013.  Using a 1GB WD Passport with 350GB of free space.

Test 1: copy 205MB from C's USER directory took 25 seconds (included 3/4 overrides) .  Result: 125 seconds per GB.

Test 2: copy 10.9Gb d:genealogy directory took 6 minutes 58 seconds.  Result: 38 seconds per GB (26 MB/s).

Test 3: copy 63GB (2 30GB files) from RAW on Space took 18 minutes 58 seconds.  Result: 18 seconds per GB (57 MB/s)


USB 3.0 speeds ranged from 18 to 38 seconds per GB.  Average speed is about 30 seconds per GB (34 MB/s).