Template Emails for Film2HD.com

Response for people who email us with general inquiries:

Canned Response: Film Transfer - Main Response Hi Customer,

You have 2 options for a film transfer:

You can use our basic transfer which is $14.99 per 50 feet of 8mm film, or per 100 feet of 16mm film. We clean your film if required and transfer it as a digital video file to a hard drive. You will need to provide a portable hard drive to pick-up the final files, as they can be up to 2.2 GB per minute.

The other option is to use our deluxe transfer which is $21.99 per 50 feet of 8mm film, or per 100 feet of 16mm film. With deluxe, we color correct your film and give you access to our MyFilms web tool that lets you provide custom titles and arrange the films for your DVD or Blu-ray menus. Once you complete the MyFilms customization, we put your films on DVD or Blu-ray for you to enjoy right away, complete with menus and background music.

We're located in Port Coquiltam, so you can come in and talk to us in person. We can show you how the film is transferred, but it is a lengthy process. You can watch a brief tour of our process right on our homepage at www.film2hd.com, or read about it on our page titled 'Our Process'.

Our address is 3419 Handley Crescent, Port Coquitlam. Click on this link to find us on Google Maps.

Please feel free to email me any additional questions. You can also call our office at 778-216-0831. The person who handles most of our film transfer customers is John - he is probably the best person to ask any more technical questions.