Uploading a video or file to LHF website

Overview: Need to upload a file(s) to our website (LHF) so that a customer can download it or view it.

Creating The Film File:

Render the file as small as one can for the customer to view it.  The last time I created an mp4 file using "Mainconcept AVC/AAC - Export for G1".  A file CineCap processed 1.04GB 16mm HD 2.09 minute B&W file rendered to 8.72MB.  Another CineCap processed 14.4GB Reg8 HD 33:18 minute colour file rendered to 135MB.

Two Options For Upload:

If the file is less than 1000MB (almost 1GB), then you can use the Cpanel - file manger - upload process.  Just logon using lifeti15 and follow the steps.

The other option is to use Smartftp.

Using SmartFTP:

Use SmartFTP to access our website:

address: lifetimeheritagefilms.com/

login: lifeti15

password: pwd

port: 21

Uploading (info for both methods):

Go to the following path and place your file….the last two folders are obviously the year and month that you are in….


When sending someone a link for a file to download, here is an example…….


The person that you send the link to will only be able to download the one file because they cannot look at any of the directory.

Name of the file should not have spaces….this may or may not cause a problem.


Check out upload speed