Vegas - Adjusting Film Side Bars

Overview:On a Vegas film project template we use two separate video tracks that create black bars on the left and right of the image to hide the sprockets and film edges.   One video track creates the bar on the left and the other video track creates the bar on the right.  Every now and again these bars do not cover these areas correctly. Here's how to change them.

Adjusting the Bars:

  1. <right-click> with the cursor placed on the video track that needs adjusting.
  2. <select> "Edit Generated Media"
  3. The generated media is a "Sony Color Gradient".  There are three "control points" that make up the gradient.  Typically when you open the Color Gradient it will show a number "1" in centre of the color gradient window.   The "Control Point Properties" window on the right will start with the "Distance" parameter.  We need to be IN ANOTHER DISPLAY".
  4. Under the "Control Points" window there are six buttons (+, -, <-, ->,...etc).  Click on the "<-" button.
  5. The "Control Point Properties" window should now start with a "X:" and "Y:" boxes with the values of 0.500 in them.
  6. Adjust the "X:" value to change how far or how little the bar moves across the image.  For example, 0.4 will occupy a sliver along the edge of the image, whereas a value of 0.85 will cover almost half the image.