DVD Architect Themes

Overview: General information regarding themes in DVD Architect.


  • Themes are made up of two parts, a folder containing an xml file and images that are all part of the theme.  The folder name is the theme name.  There is also a zip file of the CONTENTS of the theme folder.   The folders are located in the c:\documents and setting\john\aplication date\sony\dvd architect\5.2\  .... themes and user themes folders.  In the themes folder there is a folder for each theme by theme name.  In the “user themes” folder there is zip file of each user theme.
  • After updating anything in the theme folder you must replace the zip file.  Go to the theme folder and clean out any temp files.  Select the files in the folder and right click.  Select “archive...” and the zip option.  Cut and paste the zip file in the theme folder and move is to the “user themes” folder.  Remove the .zip extension.
  • Open up DVD Arch and the theme should be there.  If it is missing, there was a problem with the theme.



c:\program files(x86)\sony\dvd architect\5.2\


Copy of  Themes

A current copy (Sep 2012) is located at:

U:\User Data\LHF\12-09-03 DVD Architect themes


I found that all of the standard themes are GRID layout and the user created are POSITIONAL.  The problem with non GRID is that when the theme is applied the theme’s button text is copied over the current button text.  This is obviously a problem as the text from the markers that form the info for the buttons gets wiped out!!!  With GRID layout themes, the current text is retained.

User themes are created by selecting the File/Export Menu as Theme.  To create a GRID version:

  1. Click the <advanced> button
  2. Then in the table that gets displayed, click on the “POSITIONAL” option (the default) and you’ll be able to change the Theme Layout to GRID.  Once GRID is selected the table’s options will now be un-greyed so that you can change those too.

Further doc:

There is a Sony document on the xml file and all the options that is stored in the downloads folder under Sony and DVD architect.  The document is dated 2005.