Purpose Need to convert a PAL DVD to NTSC DVD.


  1. Check the PAL DVD on a Win7 computer and play the DVD in Win-Media Player to find out:
    1. If the DVD is 4:3 or 16:9
    2. How many chapters
    3. And check how each chapter starts so that you can id the chapters later
    4. Open Sony Vegas Pro
    5. Set the project properties to either PAL widescreen or PAL 4:3, whichever applies.
    6. Under File, go to Import and select import from DVD
    7. Copy the DVD VOB’s into the RAW/third party/DVD/etc
    8. Place the VOB’s onto the timeline.
    9. Use Regions to Chapter the VOB’s based on findings in 1c.
    10. Use Ultimate S to render the regions.
      1. Render using NTSC widescreen or standard screen as applicable
      2. Use DVD Architect to author and burn the NTSC DVD’s


Scan the covers and print them out on photo paper.  The cover size is typically 273 mm X 183 mm.  I found that ACDSee's print allows you to select the top, bottom, and both side margins and whether the image is in the top left, center, etc.  knowing at 8.5X11 paper is 279X217mm one can do the math and adjust the margins accordingly (i.e. 6mm and 34mm for the margins)