Overview Scanning VHS or VHS-C can be done into DV codec and AVI container or FFV1 codec and AVI container.  For now this is a description of scanning to FFV1 on Rack#1.


Tape input can be via the following VCRs: VHS, S-VHS, VHS worldwide


Output will be onto SPACE.

Video Path

From VCR --Svideo--> switch box --Svideo--> DPS-295  --component-->  BM Decklink Studio card in SPACE

Audio Path

From VCR --RCA--> switch box --RCA-->  BM Decklink Studio card in SPACE


  1. On SPACE's desktop double click theVHS-NTSC batch icon.  There will be a few times you need to click or return before the VirtualDub capture window shows.
  2. Select the correct VCR on the switch box.
  3. Turn on the DPS-295and set up the Input on the front panel:
    1. Input - Format: SVHS
    2. Input - Mode: NET(use DIRECT for Umatic/DVcam)
  4. On SPACE set up the input via the BM (Blackmagic) Desktop Video Utility
    1. Video: component
    2. Audio: XLR
  5. Change audio cable connections into the BM Decklink Studio card in SPACE
    1. Plug in the black and red RCA audio cable with 1/4" phono connectors into the Decklink cable collage....
      1. Plug left (black) into 14 Audio Channel 1
      2. Plug right (red) into 15 Audio Channel 2
    2. (When switching cables back, there is a piece of paper on the LEFT cable saying LEFT.  Otherwise the Left and right cables are identical.)
  6. Test DPS-295 connection by clicking on "Function - Select" to show TSG, WFW and back to TBC.
    1. Watch the VirtualDub capture window to make sure you see the colour bars and the wave form monitor...and finally back to the black screen.
  7. Confirm VirtualDub is capturing fine:
    1. Play video....make sure video appears in VD capture window
    2. Make sure both audio bars along the bottom of the VD capture window are moving


Betacam or Betacam SP Processing via Intensity Pro

Equipment Sony Betacam SP  PVW2800 record, edit and play deck


  • Currently, I set up the deck connected to the component and left and right audio channels to the Intensity Pro card in Flag.
  • Opened Sony Vegas and used the "HDV and SDI" capture option.
  • Set the preferences (icon in the right-hand corner of the window) in the capture window to:
    • Device: "Blackmagic Design Decklink"
    • Capture format: NTSC Standard (720x486, 29.97 fps)
  • Select the "encoding":
    • 8-bit YUV AVI
  • select the folder that you want record the footage to.


    1. Specs: Video 720x486x32, 29.97 fps interlaced, 50 Mbps Audio: 16 bit, 48KHz, 8 channel, Linear PCM
    2. 0.5 GB per minute
  2. 8-bit YUV AVI
    1. Specs: Video 720x486x24, 29.97 fps interlaced, uncompressed Audio: 16 bit, 48KHz, Stereo
    2. 1.25 GB per minute

BlackMagic Motion JPEG Codec

Overview The BlackMagic (BM) Motion JPEG codec is the codec that is used to create the AVI files generated during the film capture through the BlackMagic Intensity Pro capture card from the Sniper units.  The codec is maintained in the final file that is generated by the Cinecap VelocityHD program.


When these AVI files are ingested into the various NLE programs, these programs need to be able to translate the AVI files.  Customers have reported that Adobe's Premier Pro (CS 4 or CS5) does not natively ingest these files.  One person with a new system (quad-core PC, 8GB RAM, Win7 64bit) and CS5 and our website sample download got the dialogue box that said:  "The project file appears to be damaged"....he could however play it using a player on his system.

Install Codec

However, it cannot hurt to have the BlackMagic Motion JPEG codec.  Here's the instructions on how to install it:

It appears that they've repackaged things and the codec  can now be downloaded in something called "Desktop Video".  The other person that downloaded this had no problems and even found a cool utility to analyse his drive configuration for editing HD footage.  The direct link to download it for windows (xp, vista and 7) is here:

Otherwise here's the route:


2) Then select the OS, the Product Series is "Intensity", and the Product is "Intensity Pro" ... then click the <Search> button.

3) Under the downloads title, select the <Download> button for "Desktop Video 9.0 for Windows"