company structure

Current Company Structure

The following is a list of staff that work within the company, with a list of their primary roles below. The percentages are estimates on how much of their time they are expected to devote to the specific role.

John Romein

  • Office Manager [30%]
  • Corporate Sales Lead [20%]
  • Dance Sales Lead [20%]
  • Wedding Sales [20%]
  • Fullfillment [10%]

In the early months of 2009, we are shifting the Wedding Sales over to Tim, and in early 2010 we plan to bring in a position to take over corporate sales, moving John off of it, freeing John to increase focus on Dance Sales.

Paul Romein

  • Video Production Lead [90%]
  • Technical Support [5%]
  • Web Design [5%]

Paul is the team lead for any video production needs in regards to pre-production, production, and post-production. His other skills range all over the map from graphic design to web design, to technical management.

Tim Schafli

  • Wedding Sales [45%]
  • Photography Lead [30%]
  • Video Editor [5%]
  • Web Design [20%]

Tim specializes as our photography lead, and is being trained as the wedding sales lead. His other skills are in graphic design, 3d modeling, and web design.

Spencer Rieu

  • Video Editor [80%]
  • Graphics Design [10%]
  • Sound Designer [10%]

Spencer specializes in sound design.

Corinne Giraud

  • Video Editor [100%]

Corinne is a skilled video editor and more.