Current Company Structure

The following is a list of staff that work within the company, with a list of their primary roles below. The percentages are estimates on how much of their time they are expected to devote to the specific role.

John Romein

  • Office Manager [30%]
  • Corporate Sales Lead [20%]
  • Dance Sales Lead [20%]
  • Wedding Sales [20%]
  • Fullfillment [10%]

In the early months of 2009, we are shifting the Wedding Sales over to Tim, and in early 2010 we plan to bring in a position to take over corporate sales, moving John off of it, freeing John to increase focus on Dance Sales.

Paul Romein

  • Video Production Lead [90%]
  • Technical Support [5%]
  • Web Design [5%]

Paul is the team lead for any video production needs in regards to pre-production, production, and post-production. His other skills range all over the map from graphic design to web design, to technical management.

Tim Schafli

  • Wedding Sales [45%]
  • Photography Lead [30%]
  • Video Editor [5%]
  • Web Design [20%]

Tim specializes as our photography lead, and is being trained as the wedding sales lead. His other skills are in graphic design, 3d modeling, and web design.

Spencer Rieu

  • Video Editor [80%]
  • Graphics Design [10%]
  • Sound Designer [10%]

Spencer specializes in sound design.

Corinne Giraud

  • Video Editor [100%]

Corinne is a skilled video editor and more.

Company Vision

The following document headings are the target dates for achieving the goal described.
Document last updated: December 2008

December 2009 (One Year)

  • Increase company GROSS income to $210,000
  • Maintain three full-time staff
  • Estimated one half salary in contractors

Our goal for 2009 is to leap the company forward with the goal of exceeding $200,000. We spent a great deal of time in the end of 2008 structuring the company and designing things such as this knowledge base, a project management tool, a new logo, and more back-end documenting like a mission statement, our values, a marketing strategy, and really dove into documenting processes and procedures. We believe that with all these new tools, we will be able to focus on driving our business to new heights, and the $200,000 range is completely within our grasp.

Early 2010

  • Bring in full time position to take over corporate sales
  • Move into office building

By the early months of 2010, we plan to bring in a fourth full-time position, with their sole focus to take on larger corporate contracts. Over several months, we would move John off corporate sales, allowing him to focus on the dance division.

At this point in the life of our company, we see it fit that we will need to move into an office building in an industrial park near Port Coquitlam. Specifics on this expansion should become a focus towards the end of 2009, as we see ourselves reaching our goal.

December 2010 (Two Year)

  • Increase company GROSS income to $420,000
  • Maintain four full-time staff
  • Estimated one full salary in contractors

With the new expansions in staffing and a new office, we see ourselves being able to double our GROSS income this year.  

December 2011 (Three Year)

  • Increase company GROSS income to $840,000
  • Maintain five full-time staff
  • Estimated two salaries in contractors

Again, with the increase in staff, we plan to continue doubling our GROSS income.

December 2012 (Four Year)

  • Increase company GROSS income to $1,500,000
  • Maintain seven full-time staff
  • Estimated two salaries in contractors

By the end of 2012, we can see ourselves breaking into a million dollar company, pulling a total of 1.5 million by the end of the year.

December 2013 (Five Year)

  • Increase company GROSS income to $2,437,000
  • Maintain nine full-time staff
  • Estimated three salaries in contractors

Continuing along our path of growth, we see ourselves doubling our GROSS income once again.