Postives or Slides

Let Lifetime Heritage Films preserve your family’s irreplaceable memories.  We can transfer your 35mm slides to easy-to-use DVD.  We can take those slides sitting on boxes or trays and restore them to their original clarity or even better so that your family can cherish those unforgettable moments forever.

How can we serve you?

We can scan slides into a number of digital formats, typically jpg or tif, but other formats are available.  Our standard slide scanning is done at 4000 dpi (dots-per-inch) however we are able to provide lessor or greater dpi’s.  During our slide scanning we also have the ability to fix and cleanup your slides.  What does this all mean to you….well the digital image that we produce can be used to print and very large photo and it will look amazing.

What does 4000 dpi mean?

A 35mm slide scanned at 4000 dpi can print a photo at about 21 X 14 inches (53 X 36 cm).

Your slides aren’t 35mm?

No problem, we can handle pretty much any transparencies.  Glass slides, large format slides, slides in metal frames….contact us today for a quote.

Sending Your Slides to Us

  1. Prepare or organize your slides.
  2. Send the slides to us.
  3. The preferred method is to personally deliver the slides to our office.
  4. But if you live to far you can mail or courier them to us.  Just make sure that you get the address correct and make sure that you ask for a signature so that you have evidence that the package was delivered correctly.