VHS Tape

VHS (Video Home System) tapes is one of the most popular video formats around.  Many of us stored many treasured memories on these tapes.  Unfortunately many of did not realize that the VHS tape is an extremely poor media to store anything on for a long term.  Sadly we have come across customers who transferred their precious films, film being a very superior media, to VHS tapes and then be advised to throw out the films now that the films are on VHS tape.

What To Do Now?

If you have any memories on VHS tape that have not been transferred to another media, transfer them NOW!  Even with our professional equipment we cannot recover VHS tapes where the information is gone.   Fortunately, most VHS tapes still have most of the information on them, it’s just that the image is not what it used to be.

Again the quality of the image left on the VHS tape has to do with a number of factors some of which are:

  • The original VHS tape quality, was this a cheap tape or a quality tape to start with.
  • How was the VHS tape stored?  Was the VHS tape upright (best) or lying flat.
  • How often were the VHS tapes played….too often wears the VHS tape, and not often enough can have the VHS tape layers stick together.
  • Was the tape rewound (best)?
  • Was the tape damaged?

Urgently call us to see what we can do to help get your VHS tapes transferred.  Even if the tape is damaged, contact us first before further damage occurs.