Who am I? Ever since the eighth grade I’ve been interested in genealogy. Maybe back then history was not my favourite subject, but it’s funny that as we all grow older how history becomes more interesting.


John Romein

CEO & founder

Now I’m the family historian and for decades have been collecting photos, films, slides, and all sorts of family stories and facts.

I have a B Sc in Computer Science and worked for many years in the computer industry doing programming, project management, etc. Outside of work I always played with cameras and video cameras. And over the years I photographed and video taped a number of the usual weddings.

Over a decade ago, 2003,  I helped my son, Paul, start his own video production business.  Shortly after starting the new business, Techno Monkey Media, I joined the business full time.  As the company grew, in 2011 we found it necessary to split the company into Techno Monkey Media and Lifetime Heritage Films.  Techno Monkey Media specializes in video production and Lifetime Heritage Films specializes in media transfers.  In 2014 Lifetime Heritage Films incorporated.

John is involved in a number of organizations that dove-tail nicely with my passions.  I became involved in the British Columbia Professional Videographers Association, Canada’s largest Professional Videographers Association. Served as President from 2009 to 2011.  Also served as Vice-President and currently serving as treasurer of the association.  As well, I have also been a member of the BC Genealogical Association for many years.  In addition, I’m a board member of the AV Heritage BC (https://www.facebook.com/Audiovisual-Heritage-Association-of-BC-1807615142872687/) which is an organization of museums, archives, universities and others that help preserve history.  And I’m also a member of the AMIA (Association of Moving Image Archivists), an international organization dedicated to helping archivists preserve media.

With my passion for history and video it becomes only natural for embarking on this journey of preserving memories through my growing company.

Please let me help you preserve your family’s memories.  Contact us today.